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Patients and Public

Patients and their families are at the heart of our research.

By creating SITraN, Professor Dame Pamela Shaw has brought together world class scientists and clinicians dedicated to finding and developing treatments for neurological disorders and bringing these new treatments to patients.

Our focus - Motor Neuron Disease and related neurological disorders

SITraN's research focus is on disorders which result from damage or death of nerve cells (neurodegeneration). Some of these conditions are rare and tend to be overlooked for research funding and investment in therapy development like Motor Neuron Disease (MND), also known as Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) or Lou Gehrig’s Disease and its childhood form Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA).
Our  research portfolio also includes ageing and dementia including Alzheimer’s Disease and Stroke, as well as other neurodegnerative disorders like Parkinson’s Disease and Hereditary Spastic Paraplegia which all have significant overlap in their disease mechanisms.

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Understanding disease mechanisms and developing new treatments

SITraN is a multidisciplinary centre of excellence, where researchers from all relevant areas work together closely and benefit from each other’s expertise thus creating an environment which has the potential to accelerate the development and trialling of new treatments for neurodegenerative disorders - translating research discoveries into benefits for patients.

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Improving symptomatic care and quality of life

While there is sDr._Tom_Jenkins_and_Patient_Pic_3.JPGtill a lack of effective neuroprotective therapies, we are also working on ways to improve patients' quality of life by developing and trialling devices to assist breathing function, muscle weakness, nutritional support as well as providing  access to specialist care. Recent examples are a breathing aid and an innovative customisable head support for MND patients.

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Working together with patients

We work closely together with the Sheffield MND and dementia research advisory groups (SMND-RAG and SYDEM-RAG) to get input from patients, families and carers for our research and our clinical work.  These groups offer clinical and scientific researchers feedback on their research proposals, ideas to improve patient involvement and assistance in communicating their research to wider audiences. The groups meet quarterly and keep in touch via monthly email updates and letters.
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Care and Support for patients with neurological disorders

Many of our clinicians are also Consultants at Sheffield Hospitals and are therefore in close contact with patients and never lose sight of the common goal. For MND patients there is a specialist clinic and support centre in Sheffield based at the Hallamshire hospital.
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"The group’s involvement
allows us to develop our
research to match the
priorities identified by
individuals affected by MND"
Dr Christopher McDermott,
Consultant Neurologist

The Sheffield MND Care and Research Centre

Our Consultants are part of a multidisciplinary team at The Sheffield MND Care and Research Centre, a regional specialist clinic dedicated to providing a high level of care and support to patients with MND and their carers.

The team at the centre has extensive expertise in the management of MND and works closely with the doctors and nurses in the community ensuring that patients and their carers receive the specialist knowledge and advice they require.

The Sheffield MND Care and Research Centre also offers patients access to clinical trials and research they can get involved in e.g.

- research and trials of assistive devices to improve breathing, nutrition or neck support
- genetic and diagnostic studies which require donations of skin and blood samples
- studies into environmental and lifestyle risk factors such as diet and physical activity

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The Sheffield  MND Care and Research Centre
Ward M1
Neurology Outpatients Clinic
Royal Hallamshire Hospital
S10 2JF

Contact details for enquiries:
Erica Waines
T: +44(0)114 226 1049
F: +44(0)114 271 3158