Sheffield Institute for
Translational Neuroscience

Dr Alisdair McNeill PhD FRCP (Edin) DCH FHEA

Senior Clinical Lecturer in Neurogenetics & Consultant in Clinical Genetics at Sheffield Childrens Hospital NHS Foundation Trust


Research Interests

My research interest focuses on the genetic cause(s) of neurological disorders, in children and adults. In recent years work in my group has identified novel neurogenetic syndromes associated with variants in the SOX4, SOX11, MYT1L and SLC12A2 genes.  

In adults, my interest centres on studying the early (prodromal) stages of neurodegenerative disease using carriers of genetic mutations.  We have used gait analysis and wearable sensors to identify preclinical motor changes in presymptomatic mutation carriers (22q11 deletion, genetic ataxias).  

I am happy to consider applications from self funded students interested in PhD projects in this field. 

Current Projects

Gait analysis as a stratification tool in neurological disorders (with Prof Claudia Mazza, INSIGNEO and Prof Bandmann, Neuroscience)

Genomic identification of novel neurogenetic disorders

Cognitive and behavioural phenotyping of rare neurogenetic disorders (with Dr Megan Freeth, Psychology)


  • Rosetrees Trust
  • Bailey-Thomas Charitable Fund
  • Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh
  • Oakdale Trust 
  • Sir Hailey-Stewart Trust 

Research Team

Doctoral students

Tarub Binshalen (Primary supervisor)

Louis Stokes (Primary supervisor)


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I qualified MBChB (Hons) from Edinburgh University in 2004 and obtained the MRCP (UK) in 2007.  I undertook Medical SHO training in Newcastle-upon-Tyne and Edinburgh, Clinical Genetics SpR training in the West Midlands and an MRC Clinical Research Training Fellowship at UCL. 

Contact Details

Department of Neuroscience
Sheffield Institute for Translational Neuroscience
University of Sheffield
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