Sheffield Institute for
Translational Neuroscience

Professor Markus Reuber MD PhD FRCP

Professor of Clinical Neurology, University of Sheffield

Honorary Consultant Neurologist, Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Editor-in-Chief, Seizure European Journal of Epilepsy


Research Interests

My main research interests are the nature and treatment of nonepileptic attack disorder (NEAD), psychosocial and neuropsychological aspects of epilepsy. I have helped to put together a national network of health professionals keen to develop an evidence-based treatment pathway for patients with NEAD (the NEST collaboration). I am also very interested in doctor-patient communication and have pioneered the use of Conversation Analysis in neurological settings.


Current Projects

  • Using sociolinguistic analysis in the differential diagnosis of epilepsy and nonepileptic seizures
  • Using sociolinguistic analysis in the differential diagnosis of dementia and nonprogressive memory complaints
  • Using Conversation Analysis to describe how doctors give patients choices.
  • Development of psychotherapeutic interventions for patients with nonepileptic seizures.
  • Exploring links between stress and epilepsy.
  • Examining the significance of heart rate variability changes in patients with seizures.

Research Team

The psychotherapy team receiving the Medipex Award (runner up in the mental health category 2012).

The psychotherapy team receiving the Medipex Award (runner up in the mental health category 2012)



Key Publications


M Reuber, S Schachter. The Borderland of Epilepsy Revisited. New York: Oxford
University Press, 2013.

M Reuber M, S Schachter, CE Elger, U Altrup, Açıklamalı Epilepsi Daha Fazla Bilmek İsteyenler İçin (Epilepsy Explained: A book for people who want to know more, Turkish translation, Istambul: Nobel Tip Kitabevieri, 2011.

M Reuber M, S Schachter, CE Elger, U Altrup, Epilepsy Explained: A book for people who want to know more, New York: Oxford University Press, 2009.

Papers / Chapters

K Malmgren, M Reuber, R Appleton. Differential diagnosis of epilepsy. In: Shorvon S, Cook M, Guerrini R, Lhatoo S (Eds.): Epilepsy (Oxford Textbook of Clinical Neurology Series). Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2012, Chapter 8, p.81-94.

A Ponnusamy, J B Marquez, M Reuber. Comparison of heart rate variability
parameters during complex partial seizures and psychogenic nonepileptic seizures. Epilepsia 2012;53:1314-21.

M Reuber, J Jamnadas-Khoda, M Broadhurst, R Grunewald, S Howell, M Koepp, S Sisodiya, M Walker, Psychogenic nonepileptic seizure manifestations reported by patients and witnesses. Epilepsia, 2011;11:2028-35.

L Plug, B Sharrack, M Reuber. Metaphors in the description of seizure experiences: common conceptualisations and differential diagnosis. Language and Cognition 2011;3–2:209–233.

R Mayor, S Howlett, R Grünewald, M Reuber. Long term outcome of brief augmented psychodynamic interpersonal therapy for psychogenic non-epileptic seizures: seizure control and healthcare utilisation. Epilepsia 2010,51:1169-1176

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L Plug, B Sharrack, M Reuber. Seizure, fit or attack? The use of diagnostic labels by patients with epileptic and non-epileptic seizures. Applied Linguistics 2009;31:94-114.

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Reuber M, Monzoni C, Sharrack B, Plug L. Using Conversation Analysis to distinguish between epileptic and psychogenic non-epileptic seizures: a prospective blinded multi-rater study. Epilepsy and Behavior 2009;16:139-144.

Professional Activities

  • Member of the Neuropsychobiology Committee of the International League Against Epilepsy (ILAE)
  • Chair of the Psychogenic Nonepileptic Seizure (PNES) Task Force of the ILAE
  • Chair of the Special Interest Group of the American Epilepsy Society
  • Council Member of the UK branch of the International League Against Epilepsy and a
  • Director of the British Neuropsychiatric Association.

I work with three charities supporting patients with seizures: I chair the Medical Advisory Boards of Epilepsy Action and the Nonepileptic Attack Disorder Trust. I am a member of the Medical Advisory Board of STARS, a charity for people with recurrent syncope. I have created an information website for patients with NEAD (

I am the Editor-in-Chief of Seizure European Journal of Epilepsy and am on the editorial boards of Epilepsy and Behavior and Epilepsy and Behavior Case Reports.


I joined the University of Sheffield in 2005. I also work at the Royal Hallamshire Hospital and the Chesterfield Royal Hospital as an Honorary Consultant Neurologist. My clinical work focuses on the treatment of patients with epilepsy and other seizure disorders. I lead the Epilepsy Research Group in the Academic Neurology Unit and am the Epilepsy Research Theme Lead in the Clinical Neuroscience Directorate at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. I chair the Neurosciences Local Priority Group of the Comprehensive Local Research Network and represent South Yorkshire on the National Speciality Group for Nervous System Disorders. I completed my undergraduate medical education in Cologne, Germany, and Nottingham, UK. I pursued my neurological training in Leeds, UK, and at the Department of Epileptology of the University of Bonn, Germany.

Teaching Interests

I am very interested in undergraduate medical education and organise the Phase 3a clinical neuroscience module of the Sheffield MBChB course. I am also Deputy Director of Phase 3a.

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