Sheffield Institute for
Translational Neuroscience

Professor Basil Sharrack MD, PhD, FRCP

Professor Basil Sharrack
Consultant Neurologist and
Honorary Professor of Clinical Neurology
Director of the Sheffield MS Research Clinic

Research Interests

Principal academic areas of interest:

  • Neuro inflammation and degeneration with reference to multiple sclerosis
  • Therapeutic clinical trials in multiple sclerosis
  • Autologous Haematopoietic stem cell transplantation in multiple sclerosis
  • Cognitive rehabilitation in multiples sclerosis
  • Idiopathic intracranial hypertension

Academic activity:

  • Over 90 peer reviewed original articles (5924 citations; H-Index 30).
  • Over £8,000,000 in grants and income from commercial clinical trials.
  • Eight PhDs and one MD have been awarded, five ongoing PhDs projects.
  • Leading UK role in the design and conduct of clinical trials in multiple sclerosis (includes: first gene therapy trial at the Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NSH Foundation Trust and the first phase III Autologous Haematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation treatment in patients with multiple sclerosis).

Principal Funding Source:

  • Multiple Sclerosis Society
  • National Institute of Health Research (NIHR)
  • Biogen


Representative Publications:

Association of nonmyeloablative hematopoietic stem cell transplantation with neurological disability in patients with relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis. Burt RK, Balabanov R, Han X, Sharrack B, Morgan A, Quigley K, Yaung K, Helenowski IB, Jovanovic B, Spahovic D, Arnautovic I, Lee DC, Benefield BC, Futterer S, Oliveira MC, Burman J. The Journal of the American Medical Associating. 2015; 313(3):275-284.

Brain endothelial miR-146a negatively modulates T-cell adhesion through repressing multiple targets to inhibit NF-κB activation. Wu D, Cerutti C, Lopez-Ramirez MA, Pryce G, King-Robson J, Simpson JE, van der Pol SM, Hirst MC, de Vries HE, Sharrack B, Baker D, Male DK, Michael GJ, Romero IA. Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow and Metabolism. 2015;35(3):412-423.

MicroRNA-155 negatively affects blood-brain barrier function during neuroinflammation. Lopez-Ramirez MA, Wu D, Pryce G, Simpson JE, Reijerkerk A, King-Robson J, Kay O, de Vries HE, Hirst MC, Sharrack B, Baker D, Male DK, Michael GJ, Romero IA. FASEB Journal. 2014;28(6):2551-265.

Cost effectiveness of a pragmatic exercise intervention (EXIMS) for people with multiple sclerosis: economic evaluation of a randomised controlled trial. Tosh J, Dixon S, Carter A, Daley A, Petty J, Roalfe A, Sharrack B, Saxton J. Multiple Sclerosis. 2014;20(8):1123-1130.

Pragmatic intervention for increasing self-directed exercise behaviour and improving important health outcomes in people with multiple sclerosis: a randomised controlled trial. Carter A, Daley A, Humphreys L, Snowdon N, Woodroofe N, Petty J, Roalfe A, Tosh J, Sharrack B, Saxton J. Multiple Sclerosis. 2014;20(8):1112-1122.

Increased levels of interleukins 2 and 17 in the cerebrospinal fluid of patients with idiopathic intracranial hypertension. Edwards LJ, Sharrack B, Ismail A, Tench CR, Gran B, Dhungana S, Brettschneider J, Tumani H, Constantinescu CS. American Journal of Clonal and Experimental Immunology. 2013;2(3):234-244.

Cytokine-induced changes in the gene expression profile of a human cerebral microvascular endothelial cell-line, hCMEC/D3. Lopez-Ramirez MA, Male DK, Wang C, Sharrack B, Wu D, Romero IA. Fluids and Barriers of the CNS. 2013;10(1):27.

Concurrence of multiple sclerosis and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis in patients with hexanucleotide repeat expansions of C9ORF72. Ismail A, Cooper-Knock J, Highley JR, Milano A, Kirby J, Goodall E, Lowe J, Scott I, Constantinescu CS, Walters SJ, Price S, McDermott CJ, Sawcer S, Compston DA, Sharrack B, Shaw PJ. Journal of Neurology Neurosurgery and Psychiatry. 2013;84(1):79-87.

Role of caspases in cytokine-induced barrier breakdown in human brain endothelial cells. Lopez-Ramirez MA, Fischer R, Torres-Badillo CC, Davies HA, Logan K, Pfizenmaier K, Male DK, Sharrack B, Romero IA. Journal of Immunoimmunology. 2012; 189(6):3130-3139.

siRNA knockdown of ADAM-10, but not ADAM-17, significantly reduces fractalkine shedding following pro-inflammatory cytokine treatment in a human adult brain endothelial cell line. Hurst LA, Bunning RA, Sharrack B, Woodroofe MN. Neuroscience Letters. 2012; 521:52-56.

Isolation of enriched glial populations from post-mortem human CNS material by immuno-laser capture microdissection. Waller R, Woodroofe MN, Francese S, Heath PR, Wharton SB, Ince PG, Sharrack B, Simpson JE. Journal of Neuroscience Methods. 2012; 208 (2):108-113.

CCL2 binding is CCR2 independent in primary adult human astrocytes. Fouillet A, Mawson J, Suliman O, Sharrack B, Romero IA, Woodroofe MN. Brain Research. 2012; 1437:115-126.

Computerised cognitive behavioural therapy for the treatment of depression in people with multiple sclerosis: external pilot trial. Cooper CL, Hind D, Parry GD, Isaac CL, Dimairo M, O'Cathain A, Rose A, Freeman JV, Martin L, Kaltenthaler EC, Thake A, Sharrack B. Trials. 2011; 14;12:259.

A randomised controlled trial of treatment for idiopathic intracranial hypertension. Ball AK, Howman A, Wheatley K, Burdon MA, Matthews T, Jacks AS, Lawden M, Sivaguru A, Furmston A, Howell S, Sharrack B, Davies MB, Sinclair AJ, Clarke CE. Journal of Neurology. 2011; 258(5):874-881.

Oral laquinimod in patients with relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis: 36-week double-blind active extension of the multi-centre, randomized, double-blind, parallel-group placebo-controlled study. Comi G, Abramsky O, Arbizu T, Boyko A, Gold R, Havrdová E, Komoly S, Selmaj K, Sharrack B, Filippi M; LAQ/5063 Study Group. Multiple Sclerosis. 2010 Nov; 16(11):1360-136.

Autologous haematopoietic stem cell transplantation for secondary progressive  multiple sclerosis: an exploratory cost-effectiveness analysis. Tappenden P, Saccardi R, Confavreux C, Sharrack B, Muraro PA, Mancardi GL, Kozak T, Farge-Bancel D, Madan J, Rafia R, Akehurst R, Snowden J. Bone Marrow Transplant. 2010; 45(6):1014-1021.

IL-1beta, TNF and IP-10 in the cerebrospinal fluid and serum are not altered in patients with idiopathic intracranial hypertension compared to controls. Dhungana S, Sharrack B, Woodroofe N. Clinical Endocrinology (Oxf). 2009; 71(6):896-897.

Expression of ADAM-17, TIMP-3 and fractalkine in the human adult brain endothelial cell line, hCMEC/D3, following pro-inflammatory cytokine treatment. Hurst LA, Bunning RA, Couraud PO, Romero IA, Weksler BB, Sharrack B, Woodroofe MN. Journal of  Neuroimmunology. 2009; 210(1-2):108-112.

Effect of laquinimod on MRI-monitored disease activity in patients with relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis: a multicentre, randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled phase IIb study. Comi G, Pulizzi A, Rovaris M, Abramsky O, Arbizu T, Boiko A, Gold R, Havrdova E, Komoly S, Selmaj K, Sharrack B, Filippi M and the LAQ/5062 Study Group. Lancet. 2008; 371(9630):2085-2092.

Haemopoietic stem cell transplantation--an evolving treatment for severe autoimmune and inflammatory diseases in rheumatology, neurology and gastroenterology. Kapoor S, Wilson AG, Sharrack B, Lobo A, Akil M, Sun L, Dalley CD, Snowden JA. Haematology. 2007; 12(3):179-191.

The Guy's Neurological Disability Scale (GNDS): a new disability measure for multiple sclerosis. Sharrack B, Hughes RA. Multiple Sclerosis. 1999; 5(4):223-233.

Scale development and Guy's Neurological Disability Scale. Sharrack B, Hughes RA. Journal of Neurology. 1999; 246(3):226.

The psychometric properties of clinical rating scales used in multiple sclerosis. Sharrack B, Hughes RA, Soudain S, Dunn G. Brain. 1999; 122 ( Pt 1):141-59.

Reliability of distance estimation by doctors and patients: cross sectional study. Sharrack B, Hughes RA. British Medical Journal. 1997; 315(7123):1652-1654.

Professional Activities

Current Executive Roles and Responsibilities 

  • Director of the Sheffield MS Research Clinic
  • Chair of the Sheffield Research Ethics Committee
  • Member of the EBMT Autoimmune Diseases Working Party


  • Consultant Neurologist, Department of Neurosciences, Royal Hallamshire Hospital, Sheffield (January 1999 – Present time)
  • Specialist Registrar, the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery, Queen Square, UCL, London (Feb 98 - Dec 98)
  • Specialist Registrar, Department of Neurology, Chelsea & Westminster Hospital, Imperial Collage, London (Sept 97 - Jan 98)
  • Clinical Research Fellow, United Medical and Dental Schools, Guy’s Hospital, King’s College, London (Jun 94 - Aug 97)  
  • Clinical Lecturer, Department of Neurology, Aleppo University Hospital, Aleppo University, Aleppo, Syria (Nov 93 - May 94)                                       
  • Career Registrar, Department of Clinical Neurology, Royal Hallamshire Hospital, Sheffield  (Feb 91 - Oct 93)

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Royal Hallamshire Hospital,
Sheffield S10 2JF

T: +44 (0)114 2713909
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